Starting out as a designer when you are self taught can be a very daunting experience. When you don’t have a steady supply of clients, and therefore income, paying for design elements can become very expensive, very quickly. Of course there are “ways” to find fonts, graphics and vectors, but simply copying someones else’s work without crediting them isnt right. Lucky there are some incredible font websites that have a huge selection that you can download FOR FREE!

Once you get sick of Windows or Adobe’s huge selection of font types, try exploring some of these fantastic sites;

(GOOD NEWS by Billy Argel)

The Good News font is available on Urban Fonts  who feature a collection of over 8,000 freeware fonts. While not all fonts on this site are 100% free, there are many options to get you started. Some fonts may contain a character limit, or only provide one version of the font for examples, only “Bold” and instead of “Regular”. Even though your chosen font may gave a limitation, its still a good way to test it out in your design to make sure its what you want. If you really love it, then you do have the option to find the font for sale and purchase it.

(28 Days Later by Film Himmel – Jens R. Ziehn)

If you really really really love fonts, you can check out 1001 Free Fonts who have a link to an insanely good deal for actually downloading 10,000, (yes thats right 10k!) fonts for $19.95 USD. The fonts are licensed for personal and commercial use. While the deal is offered from a partner site, it’s a really cheap and easy way to crash your pc to have a huge selection of fonts for your projects. Or you can just click on the font above to download this super cool grunge zombie font!


Font Sq
Bebas Neue by Ryoichi Tsunekawa

Now I might be biased, but as the saying goes, I’ve saved the best for last. Font Squirrel is my first stop for amazing fonts EVERY SINGLE TIME. Initially, it was the name and and their logo that I was in love with, but they also have an incredible range of fresh fonts that have suited every project I have done. If you use free vector files, more often than not, you won’t have the font already installed. A lot of free / share designers will put the font link into a folder, so you know what you need to download. From my experience, most of these fonts come from Font Squirrel. So save yourself the time, bookmark it, and search no more.


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